Welcome! I’m Dominique.

I’m an intuitive visionary artist, lightworker, master educator, and the creator of the Intuition Into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to a Happy Healthy Life.

I’m here to help you connect to your True Self to live a happier, healthier life. That’s why I create inspiring & entertaining intuitive tools to nourish your transformational journey.

My life purpose is to travel the world exploring and expressing my love of beauty and the beauty of love. I also do this through painting, photography, teaching, writing, lifelong learning and simple intuitive living.

I believe that by accessing your intuition – your Higher Self and Guidance (no matter what you call it) – you can take inspired action to live in alignment with your soul.

You’ll then have so much more to give, creating a more peaceful, abundant, and unconditionally loving world.

Are you a seeker whose inner landscape is fertile and ready for nourishment?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for support on your path of self-discovery and meaning-making.

My art, workshops, blog posts and custom intuitive products will help you:

  • see yourself through the eyes of your soul,
  • access the Universal Energy Flow,
  • decipher the symbolic messages of your Divine Helpers,
  • raise your vibration, and
  • take inspired action.

I currently live in St. John’s, on the island of Newfoundland – at the eastern edge of Canada. But I work from a distance. So I can work with you no matter where you live.

More About the Art

My paintings, photography and intuitive offerings are as much about the creative process as they are about the results – reflecting the dance of Spirit within the many layers of Nature and the Self.

My art has attracted healers and those on a path of personal and spiritual growth since the late 80s.

I’m a certified member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada but don’t call myself a healer. My art, however, is a portal to the Universal Energy Flow, supporting your innate ability to heal yourself.


I almost failed art in high school… A few years later, I was invited back for a solo show.

It’s when I started playing with professional fluid acrylics that I found my painting voice. Working with the flow of water and colour on canvas became one of my favourite ways to connect to Light, to Source, to the very best within me.

I fell in love with the intuitive painting process in the late 80s, never knowing what would evolve until each new layer called to me.  My paintings were my teacher.  I learned about taking risks, letting go, and literally going with the flow.

I first combined energy work and painting in 1990, after my first of many energy healing workshops. It seemed so natural.

Although self-taught until my mid-40s, I got a Certificate of Art and Design in 2011 from the University of Saskatchewan and spent 10 months at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria. I aslo took workshops in Bali and was artist in residence at the Awakening Arts Academy in Italy.


I was in my 20s when I got my first point-and-shoot camera, just in time to travel overseas to teach English as a Second Language for 5 years.

Photography helped me share the world through my eyes. 

It also became my creative meditation.

The camera helped me become fully present, fully in the moment, appreciating the beauty around me.

I learned to use a “real” (SLR) camera in 2000, after my return to Canada.

In 2001, I received a Certificate of Professional Photography from the New York Institute and another in 2006 from North Island College in BC (with a focus on digital).

I’ve also taken dozens of specialized workshops and photo-trips.  Then, in 2007, I moved to Saskatchewan to work for 2 years with the late Courtney Milne, internationally renown photographer and co-author of several books on sacred sites.


I was a happy, connected, and highly sensitive child. I spent my formative years wandering alone in nature. Keeping company with Mother Earth and her creatures, my team of Divine Helpers, and my True Self was easier than witnessing or participating in the lack of unconditional love between people.

But at the age of 10, I had to choose between bending to peer pressure to become someone I wasn’t or remain true to my Self. I chose the latter and got bullied for it. This challenge, however, turned out to be one of my greatest gifts. I became committed to living in alignment with my soul, making it easier to co-create a life that didn’t always fit within the social norms.

This was key in the decisions I made in the early 90s when my dream job wasn’t so dreamy anymore. I learned to consciously use my intuition to redirect my life. I’ve followed my Spirit Calls ever since – to work, study, and travel on 3 continents and 5 Canadian provinces in a variety of careers that have all come together to shape what I’m doing now.

Life has been all about stretching my comfort zones – about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. After all, intuitive living is about accepting intuition’s invitation to grow.

Although I can access my intuition through various channels, my visionary skills most inform my art and services. When I ask for guidance, it’s like downloading a mini Disney-Pixar movie in my mind’s eye. Rich in symbolic data, these visions offer my clients and I clues and teachings that lead to soul shifts and inspired action.

I now share all I’ve learned through my guided visualization meditations, intuitive readings, Soul Energy Portraits, and my “Intuition into Action: 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition for a Happy Healthy Life”.

11 Fun Facts

  • Born in Ottawa, I’ve lived in Germany, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Austria, and 5 Canadian provinces.
  • I resist change, but when Spirit calls, I listen. The more I listen, the stronger my intuition gets. No regrets!
  • I’m a very detailed-focused goal-oriented hyper-organizer.
  • I’m a highly sensitive introvert, some would say empath. I’m also an enthusiastic teacher / presenter who loves acting.
  • I’m an avid explorer of new places and cultures. I also love my hermit phases.
  • I’m a health food nut and a chipaholic.
  • I’m as happy in my thrift store painting clothes as in my Kaliyana Artwear.
  • I’m a total movie-buff, but crave being in nature, especially near water.
  • I’m a personal and spiritual growth workshop junkie.  Now I teach them.
  • I have a Masters of Education in TESL with a secondary focus on Spirituality & Leadership. My educational /professional background before that was in tourism and recreation.
  • I have a certificate in Professional Dog Training and Behaviour Therapy. But I wouldn’t hire me.  I’ve never lived with a dog. I move around too much. I just love dogs!
  • According to friends and fans, my top qualities are: driven, creative, authentic, open-hearted, and adventurous.