The final Communing with Community painting©2019 Dominique Hurley

Re-Connecting #7- Communing With Community

Hours after I decided to include Notre Dame's Rose Window…

A Change of Scenery - All Within An Hour

Can you go weeks without leaving the house? I confess, I could. I…

The Perfect Unfolding Meditation

Today's gift is another meditation I recorded live during my…
©2018 Dominique Hurley

A Winner - Every Dot a Prayer

Do you remember last November when I told you about a top…
© 2019 Dominique Hurley

Sacred Journey Meditation

Guided visioning meditations are designed to help you feel good…

Welcome to My Studio - a video introduction

How good are you at asking for help? What about being in…

Affirmation Booster 7

This Oprah Winfrey quote in my planner inspired this latest edition…

Let Go of Labels & Do It Your Way

What would you think if I told you my friend sometimes spends…

Commune With Community in Carbonear

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Have your early experiences…
The Universe is my Creative Playground

The Universe is My Creative Playground - new painting

In true intuitive painting form, I had no idea what this…
©2019 Dominique Hurley

The Perfect Unfolding - a new painting

Emerging fully as our True Selves - from love & in love…

Please Vote For Me & You Could Win Too

Yay! I'm one of 10 finalists from across Canada in the "Young…
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