Oasis labyrinth with 2 angels

Two More Labyrinth Paintings

Two weeks ago, I introduced you to "Chakra Journey" and "Peace…
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Tune In #7: Want Inspiration For Connection?

People connect to their Higher Self and Spirit in many ways.…

New Labyrinth Painting Series

This past Saturday was International Labyrinth Day. I…
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Tune In #6: Where Are You Rusty?

Can you believe these are photos of rusty cars?  The Shades…

Embrace - a new painting

Do you have days when all you want to do is lie in bed and…

Tune In #5: Are you Ready to Blossom?

Want to find out what your intuition is saying to you? Are you…
Interbeing detail - rainbow forest painting

New Painting: Interbeing - a rainbow forest

The studio was all set up for a painting play date with my Self…
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Tune In #4: Your Soul's Call for Connection

Let's face it. We live in a busy world. And sometimes, we…

I confess... this felt so good

Let me be transparent. That’s how I am. This felt so…
4 photos from Transformation Collection

Tune In #3: Your Invitation for Transformation

You're constantly being called to stretch your comfort zones…

Affirmation Booster 1

Welcome to your first affirmation booster. Come back often…
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Tune In #2: Which Treedom Calls You Today?

Want to find out what your intuition is saying to you? Tune…