Tune In 22 - What's Your Stepping Stone?

Tune In #22: What's Your Stepping Stone?

What can help you progress towards your goals? Tune in! Pick…
Shanti - intuitive painting

With a touch of dragonfly energy...

Here are two more little gems that were created leading up to…
Tune In 21- Time to Branch Out

Tune In #21: Is It Time to Branch Out?

Are you feeling a desire to diversify and explore new areas…
Truth & Transformation intuitive painting

Truth & Transformation - the painting

Have you ever tried the yoga tree pose? It's the standing version…
Tune In 20-Can you see the connection?

Tune In #20: Can You See the Connection?

Today's intuitive exercise is all about the relationship between…
painting with two black cats

The Cat's Meow - 2 new paintings

Are you a cat lover? I only truly discovered I was in my…
Tune In 19-Are You a Wall Flower

Tune In #19: Are You a Wallflower?

Are you keeping yourself small or staying on the sidelines of…

That's Some Weather - New Crop of Paintings

Would you agree that staying in your peace is the best way to…
Tune In 18: Knock on Wood

Tune In #18: Knock on Wood

Have you ever said "Knock on wood!" after sharing your good luck…

Every Moment A Teacher - A Story of Love and Fear

From great horror often rises stories of great courage, selflessness,…
Tune In 17-Connect the Dots

Tune In #17: Connect the Dots

Sometimes, it's only in hindsight that we can connect the dots.…
Chakra Yoga intuitive painitng

Chakra Yoga Painting

What a fun project! And balancing too! This 7-into-1 piece…
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