Discovery Journey Meditation

Connect to Guidance and raise your vibration with a custom channeled guided visualization.

Do you need help getting Guidance and raising your vibration?

I can help. I’ll connect to your team of Divine Helpers and Higher Consciousness to co-create a recording that you can use over and over again to receive Guidance and support you on your transformational journey.

I work at a distance, so there’s no need to schedule a time that works for both of us. I’ll spend about 6 hours working on your gift to yourself and  send you your recording via email.  It’ll

  • help you exercise your intuitive muscles
  • give you access to different Guidance every time you listen
  • provide deep relaxation while raising your vibration

A Discovery Journey Meditation is a personalized creative visualization based on a theme of your choosing. You can also let your Guides determine what you need.

You have an active role in this kind of meditation. Once you access the intuitive experience it provides, it’s your job to interpret, journal, and find inspired action from this experience. It’ll be different every time. The more you practice, the stronger your intuition will become.

Who Are They For?

This is for you if

  • you want a unique experience co-created just for you
  • you like being guided through settings and scenarios where you get to tap into your intuition for guidance
  • you need the structure to connect to your Guidance and raise your vibration

I’m also available for live group meditations for those who want to benefit from an experience co-created in the moment with everyone’s Highest Good at heart. Please contact me for rates and information.

What You’ll Get

FOR $247 (Cdn), you’ll receive a ~30+ minute mp3 delivered by email.

I don’t use a timer when recording meditations  – I let your team of Divine Helpers decide how long you need it to be. Some are an hour long.

These are accompanied by Christopher Lloyd Clarke music.

Lucy Jordan

“It was an extraordinary experience, so powerful in so many ways… I didn’t tell you what my interest in music is but you accurately focused on my voice. I have to say that my voice seems clearer, stronger, easier…and I’ve noticed that other people have noticed a change too. I love the image of the notes as rainbow colours reaching out into space, embracing planets and stars and I keep that in mind now when I sing.”

Lucy JordanArtist & Healer - Greece

There are no refunds on custom guided meditations. Feel free to contact me with any of your questions and trust that your team of Divine Helpers will deliver exactly what you need for this chapter of your life.


Want to try one to experience my style?

  1.  Bonus Welcome Meditation (26 minutes)

If you’re ready to experience one that’s co-created just for you, order by clicking below. I’ll be in touch to ask you your intention for your custom Discovery Journey Meditation.

Nikki Fowler

Oh my goodness, I’ve never received a meditation so vivid and clear. I was in the moment of the walk and the fire , it moved me. Tears were running down my face as I could feel joy from the inside as I was sitting by the fire. Thank you. I like your energy, I feel a really strong pull to you. I know you are the one sent to me. I look forward to working with you. Namaste

Nikki FowlerSt. John’s, NL
Nadine Emberley

“The mediation is fitting! I LOVE it. I love that it makes me take stock of my own energy, and how I feel / see it, and feel about it, as that is exactly what I need right now and probably will for a long time to come.”

Nadine EmberleySt. John’s, NLReiki on the Rock
Charlene Lite

” Your voice is so soothing. I just LOVE your voice…, and honestly would hire you to tell me whatever you wanted!!!”

Charlene LiteNew York, NYYoga Instructor, Singer/ Songwriter
Amanda Starr
“Thank you for the lovely meditation. I have listened to it several times and I love its message and your soothing voice. I believe it may be helping me  start to shift into my purpose. It certainly calms me at night and allows me to fall into a beautiful dream state.”
Amanda StarrArtist - Sydney, AU