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Why do you say your work is energy infused?

I have been using my art as a way to connect to Spirit and channel energy for myself since the late 80s.  Since then, healers have recognized my art as a portal to the Universal Energy Flow. Some can feel it or even see it.

In 2016, I became a certified naturopath (NL) when the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada recognized my 1470 hours of training in energy-related fields.

Some of my paintings are based on the intuitive process and others are created from visions, all enhanced by channeling energy. That’s why my art can be described as either Energism Art, Visionary Art, or Intuitive art. But labels don’t matter to me. What does is how I feel during the co-creative process and how you feel as the result.

Those on a path of personal or spiritual development will often resonate with different paintings or photographs (or even cry tears of love / joy / release). My art affects them and their environment on many levels.  

You’ll know if the energy in a painting or photograph is aligned with where you are or the next few steps in your desired direction by how you feel when you look at it online, but even more so in person. I believe that energy is still present in a print, but most will say the original paintings are a heightened experience.

Now I use my energy channeling, intuitive, and visionary skills to create art that supports specific clients on their Path to their Highest Good. See my Soul Energy Portrait Experiences for more details on those.

What painting materials do you use?

I’m a huge fan of Golden Artist Colours – a professional grade acrylic paint company from the States. Yes, it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. I know because I’ve tried many other kinds in my time.

What many don’t know is that acrylic paint comes in 3 viscosities, or thicknesses.  Most people are familiar with “heavy body” paint. It’s thick like toothpaste.  I was never a big fan of these.

I prefer both “fluid ” (flows like a heavy cream) and high flow (flows like water). These act more like the acrylic inks I started playing with in the late 80s when I finally found my artistic medium of choice.

The beauty with professional acrylic paints is that there are no fillers or extenders. There’s the same saturation of pigments in all 3 thicknesses. No dilution. That’s why there’s no comparison to dollar store paints that don’t use the same quality of pigments and are full of chalk and other fillers.

I also use a wide array of Golden gels, mediums, pastes, and varnishes.

Click here for my video and to read more.

Does your work require framing?

No framing is required on my original paintings, but some prefer to have their art framed.

I paint on professional-grade gallery-wrapped canvas, so there are no staples on the sides. I also paint the edges, so either the painting extends around the stretcher bars or the sides are painted in a solid colour.

No painting is required for painting or photography prints on canvas if you choose the 2″ gallery-wrapped stretcher bars.

If you would prefer framed prints, either choose the 1.25″ gallery-wrap or prints on fine art or metallic paper.

Where can I see your paintings and photography?

You can always see my full collection of original paintings, painting prints, and photography prints online.  Click here for originals and click here for prints.

If you’re in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, you can see my work in various wellness-focused locations. If you want to find out where a specific painting is exhibited, please contact me. They welcome visitors, although you may not see all of them if a room is occupied. Contact them first to enquire.

Moksha Yoga
Embody Yoga
Avalon Laser Health Clinic
Nova Yoga

Do you teach intuitive painting?

Although it’s not my main focus, I occasionally teach intuitive painting workshops. Contact me if you’d like me to come teach in your community.

You can start exploring intuitive painting on your own though, with my Guide to Intuitive Painting in 5 Easy Steps.  Click here to access it.

What’s a Soul Energy Portrait Experience?

Click here for the description, video, prices, examples, etc.

Where can I see examples of your Soul Energy Portraits?

I work with one client at a time for a period of several days / weeks (depending on the size of the painting) to develop their Soul Energy Portrait Experience.

It’s much more than a painting. It’s a mix of channeling, intuitive coaching, symbolism, energy work, and more that results in the creation of a painting that reflects your Magnific-Essence.

Some of my clients have generously agreed to share not only their paintings but also stories of their experiences and process.

Here are a few:

How long do Soul Energy Portrait Experiences take?

It varies depending on the size of the painting and information I receive from your Team of Divine Helpers.

Although each Experience begins with a custom Discovery Journey Meditation and is followed by several layers of painting, energy work, symbolism and message, each Experience is unique.

The average for the smallest size of painting (12″ x 12″ or 11″ x 14″) is 2 weeks of daily work and email communication with you through a series of Love Notes.

These Love Notes include messages, coaching, energy work reports, photos of your painting in progress, and more. You’re welcome to write back as much as you’d like  – some clients like to process on their own and others benefit from frequent back-and-forth emailing.

I only work with 1 client at a time. It’s a beautifully intensive process for both myself and the client.

I usually require a week in between Experiences, so I can only do a few of these a year.

There are times when I have a long waiting list and times when I can start right away.

Please contact me to enquire when I’m available to do yours.  You can also pre-book it if you know you’ll want to experience this process at a significant time in your life (birthdays, transition from work to retirement, etc.).

What’s a Divine Storytelling Time intuitive reading package?

Click here for a full description, video, prices, and to order.

Click here to read how Patricia’s reading helped her.

Do you do intuitive readings in person?

I don’t do individual readings in person. I connect to your Higher Self and team of Divine Helpers at a distance without the details of your life. Actually, the less I know about you, the easier it is for me as a channel right now..

I do channeled Divine Storytelling Time sessions live with groups on the radio, during workshops, or for work teams. I connect to Divine Consciousness and everyone’s teams of Divine Helpers to channel one story that will speak to everyone in the group, but in different ways.  It’s as if Source  / your Guides got together to write a script and direct a film that addressed the common good.

These are a great starting point for both individual and team work – leading to decision-making and taking inspired action. Contact me if you’d like me to channel one for your group.

Do I ask you specific questions for a Divine Storytelling Time intuitive reading?

No. This isn’t a Q & A style psychic reading. I channel these alone from my studio without being connected via the telephone or Skype.

You may choose a theme, like “Life/Work balance”, “My relationship with my husband”, “Life Purpose”, or simply ask for general guidance on your Path to your Highest Good.

I then connect to your Higher Self and team of Divine Helpers at a distance (much like Internet connects people all around the world) and channel a story that appears in my mind’s eye like a Disney-Pixar movie. I’m then inspired to create a visual gift and quote that capture the essence of your reading. This becomes the intuitive data for you to work with through your worksheets and self-study guide.

I don’t interpret this story for you. That’s your job. You’re the best to know what symbols and storylines mean to you. This is how you’ll develop your intuitive muscles.

This is when you can ask specific questions – before each time you listen to the recording. Then, different parts of the story will catch your attention and mean different things in relation to your story.

You’ll work through my 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition for a Happy Healthy Life, much like I demonstrate in the blog post “Try a 6-Minute Divine Storytelling Time Sample”. Click here to access it.

What are the 2 visual gifts you create for your intuitive reading packages?

The first Visual Gift is a print-sized digital file of the 5 Spirit Calling Cards I picked for you to open the reading. These oracle cards have an image and 1 word (from a deck of 44 based on paintings and a deck of 44 based on my photography). I created a limited edition of 55 sets of these decks in 2013 to raise money for my Visionary Art Scholarship Fund. They have since sold out.

The second Visual Gift is a custom-designed image based on the essence of your reading. You’ll get a print-sized file with the quote I wrote for you as well as one without words for your printing preference. These images are digitally created using 2 or more layers of my photographs from around the world to create a work of art unique to you.

You’ll receive additional intuitive data from these gifts, in addition to your Divine Storytelling Time audio recording and worksheets.

Click here to see a few example, about half way down my service description page.

Where can I hear a Divine Storytelling Time sample?

Click here to Try a 6-Minute Divine Storytelling Time Sample.

I’ll walk you through how to use my 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition for a Happy Healthy Life while working with the data in your intuitive reading.

Although I advertise that the stories I channel as part of a Divine Storytelling Time package will be 40 minutes +, they usually last around an hour.

How can I best interpret the symbols that appear in my story or meditations?

Divine helpers, the Universe, etc. communicates in symbolism.  The best person to interpret that symbolism is you. Tune into your heart and allow memories and associations to form as you ask your Self, “What does this symbol mean in relation to my question”. Always tune inward first.

I give examples of how to work with the symbolism you receive through my intuitive hearing aids in the blog post: Try this 6-Minute Divine Storytelling Time Sample.

It’s true that some symbols have universal meanings. Google is very handy that way. But you’ll find a lot of information on the Internet, some contradictory.  Again, tune in to FEEL what resonates with you as you read various webpages. Use the expansion / contraction exercise I teach in the audio in this post to filter out what isn’t relevant to you.  Don’t believe everything you read.  

My favourite site on the Internet for symbolism is Avia Venefica’s What’s Your Sign at http://www.whats-your-sign.com/ . Go to her site map and enter your symbol in the search field, or even easier, enter your symbol and “what’s your sign” right into the Google Search field. Example: “elephant what’s your sign”. Then check that the url contains her site.

But always tune in to your Self first. One symbol may have a different signification on different days depending on the question you ask before you listen to your Divine Storytelling Time or meditation.

How long does it take you to channel a Divine Storytelling Time package?

I can only do one Divine Storytelling Time package per day. It takes me around 6 hours for the preparation, channeling, creation of the visual gifts, and delivery.

I usually start these very early in the morning (4 or 5 am) and do them at a distance. There’s no scheduling required.

I can usually deliver yours to you within 3 days of ordering.

When you order, I’ll email you to let you know when I’ll be doing it so that you can invite your team of Divine Helpers to work with me. You’ve already given me permission by hiring me, but this helps put you in the receptive mode as well.

What kind of meditation do you offer?

My channeled meditations are all creative visualizations.  I will guide you through the scenes and scenarios I am shown in my mind’s eye, but there are always musical space during which you tap into your intuitive guidance.

Click here to learn more about my Custom Discovery Journey Meditations that I channel especially for you: video, price, etc.

How long does it take to channel a guided meditation?

It takes me an average of 6 hours to prepare for, channel, edit and deliver a Custom Discovery Journey Meditation.  The meditation itself, however, is anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on what your team of Divine Helpers channel through me.

I work with a professional microphone that picks up my swallows, stomach gurgles, and busses passing by, so I carefully review and edit your meditation before mixing in the royalty free music I feel moved to include in your meditation.

These meditations are also the starting point to my Soul Energy Portrait Experiences.

I can usually deliver your custom Discover Journey Meditation within 3 days of your order, depending on demand. I’ll email you right away to let you know.

Where can I sample your meditations?

These were recorded live or before I got my professional recording equipment, but they’ll give you an idea of my style and the benefits of creative visualization.

How do I use your 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition with creative visualization meditations?

Both the free meditations on my site and custom channeled ones from your team of Divine Helpers can help you raise your vibration and connect to Guidance, to your intuition. Your experience will be different every time you listen to them.

Click here to read how to work with creative visualizations to strengthen your intuitive muscles.

Does religion matter when it comes to your intuitive services?

The short answer is no.

My intuitive readings, guided meditations or energy painting commissions aren’t part of any one religion, nor are they meant to go against any.

In my opinion, my visionary skills are complimentary to your belief system, no matter what that is.

I offer what I do to help strengthen your Connection, your intuition, your ability to hear your Inner and Greater Guidance.

The true answer, though,  lies in how you feel.

I believe you’ll benefit no matter your religion, as long as you’re open to seeing your Self through the eyes of Unconditional Love.

The names and labels we put on that will vary.

Click here to read the full blog post.

What music do you use in your meditations?

I purchase Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s royalty free music on EnlightenedAudio.com.

Are we all intuitive? How can I develop my intuition?

Yes, we were all born intuitive. Intuition is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

I teach full-day and 2-day workshops to help you develop and use your intuition. Contact me if you’d like to have me come teach in your community.

I’ve also created a 75-minute free online tutorial on my 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition for a Happy Healthy Life.  Click here to sign-up.

What’s your story?

I love reading the story of other intuitives. I’ve noticed many points in common.

Basically, I was given the space to be Me growing up, which kept my Connection strong. It wasn’t easy though. Realizing that people are rarely accepted and loved for who they are kept me apart from others. At the age of 11, for example, I had to make a choice: stay true to my Self or be what others wanted me to be.  Click here to read the rest of my story in “I was bullied, but it didn’t stop me”.

How can I quickly access my intuition no matter where I am?

One of my favourite intuitive exercises that I teach is the Intuitive Walkabout. You can do it anywhere – in nature, in your office building, or walking around a busy downtown street.

Click here to learn how.

How can I make a quick yes/no decision that’s in line with my Highest Good?

Your body will help here. Close your eyes and choose “yes”, then pay attention to how it feels – expansive or contractive. Then choose “no” and feel the difference. Which feels better?

Click here to try it out with a quick audio activity.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.

How can I recognize signs and symbolism in my life?

Our team of Divine Helpers often speaks to us through signs and symbolism. The trick is to remain aware of your environment and your inner-meaning-making as you navigate through life.

Click here to read a blog post that gives you examples from my life. Then start paying more attention to how your every day life is speaking to you.

Is getting sick a message from our intuition?

It certainly can be. Our intuition speaks through our senses and therefore through our bodies.  If we don’t hear or act on those little intuitive taps on our shoulder, we just may get hit by a 2′ x 4′.

You’ve no doubt heard that some people’s greatest changes came after hitting rock bottom. That’s one way. But it’s not necessary.

Read more in my blog post “When the Body Says No”.

How can I make an intuitive vision board?

Intuitive vision boards are my favourite kind of vision board. They’re a great intuitive hearing aid that are fun to create at significant times during the year.

Click here for my “7 Easy Steps to Create an Intuitive Vision Board

How do intuitive vision boards work?

Click here to find out how my 2015 and 2016 boards helped me take inspired action … or inaction.

Are you a psychic?

No. I don’t call myself a psychic.  I don’t tell people about their future. I’ve greatly enjoyed psychic readings in my life, but it’s not what I do.

Instead, I use my intuitive / visionary skills to co-create opportunities for my clients to develop their own intuitive skills. I want to empower them in that area.

I may help them access intuitive data in the form of stories and symbolism (how Guidance often talks to us), but they give it meaning. No one is as qualified to interpret what symbols mean as the person for whom they were meant.

My focus is on helping people connect to their True Self and Guidance in ways that help them not need me in the future.

What are the Universal Laws? How can I work them to my advantage?

I spent a year connecting to my team of Divine Helpers to better understand the 12 Universal Laws.  The process involved doing an intuitive reading on each, followed by the painting of a mandala to represent the lessons they taught me.

Click here for the Introduction page to all 12. Links go from there to each individual law.

What kinds of workshops do you teach?

I love teaching. I have a Masters in Education and spent decades teaching English as a Second Language in schools and universities on 3 continents.

Now, my passion is teaching workshops that help people connect to their True Self on their path to their Highest Good.

Some of my workshops include:

  • Discover your Intuition into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to Activate Your Intuition for a Happy Healthy Life (in French and English)
  • Simplifying Your Life
  • Intuitive Painting
  • Create your Intuitive Vision Board
  • Creative Visualization as an Intuitive Hearing Aid – live meditations
  • The Visionary At Work: group intuitive reading for creative problem-solving and direction

Contact me to explore what might best suit your group’s needs.

Do you photograph people? Do you do portrait sessions?

No. I use my camera as a connection tool in nature or to capture the beauty I see when discovering new places. You’ll see a lot of my photography in my blog.

I also have 5 galleries of photography in my online shop. Prints are available on canvas, fine art and metallic papers.

Do you offer your services in French?

Yes. French is my mother tongue. I grew up fully bilingual.  It was French at school and at home, but English with my friends. By the time I reached university in Ottawa, I chose the language of my classes according to which professor was better.

I’ll admit though – I’m not as comfortable channeling or teaching in French because I spent 25 years teaching English around the world and didn’t use it.  But I am fully bilingual.

What payment methods do you accept?

For prints-on-demand, you’ll be making your purchases through the secure online shopping platform at Newfoundland Canvas.

My online shop for originals and intuitive services is currently under reconstruction (March 2017). Contact me to make payment arrangements, either through PayPal, Square, e-transfer and more.If you

Is there tax?

If you’re in Canada, you’ll be charged hst, gst, and / or pst as applicable to your location.

There is no tax charged to those outside of Canada.

Do you have payment plans?

The short answer is yes.  Contact me to explore the possibilities and discuss the details.

Are shipping fees extra?

Shipping for prints-on-demand will be calculated for you in Newfoundland Canvas’s online shopping cart system.

Shipping is extra for original art orders and Soul Energy PortraitsContact me first for an estimate. You’ll be charged at cost once the painting is crated / boxed and shipped.

Divine Storytelling Time package and Custom Meditations are delivered via email, so there’s no shipping fees for those.

Do you give refunds?


There are no refunds on the following as a lot of time and energy goes into preparing for and delivering:

  • Divine Storytelling Time Packages
  • Custom Guided Meditations
  • Soul Energy Portraits


If you’re local to St. John’s, feel free to contact me to try out a painting in your location before purchasing it.

It is very important to me that you be happy with the art you are adding to your collection, so please contact me at dominique@dominiquehurley.com with any questions you might have before making your purchase.

There are no refunds or exchanges for original paintings you have purchased should you change your mind upon receipt.

If your package arrives visibly damaged, please refuse receipt and have the courier note the damage. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss a replacement or refund. If damage is only discovered once opened, contact me (with pictures) at  dominique@dominiquehurley.com to discuss whether you would like a replacement or return. Claims not reported within 3 business days of receiving product cannot be guaranteed a full credit. Please keep in mind that return shipment in original packaging is at your expense, but the replacement will be on me.


Due to the nature of my business, there are no refunds or returns on prints unless defective or damaged. Please note that the digital images I display have the most accurate color possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors, I cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.

If your package arrives damaged, please ask the courier to immediately make note of it on his scanner (and take a picture). If the print is flawed, please take a photo. Keep all packaging and contact me at dominique@dominiquehurley.com within 3 days. I will contact Newfoundland Canvas and they’ll decide with their shipper what to do with the old print/package.  A new print will then be sent to you at no extra charge within the original terms.

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