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About Me

Dominique-Hurley-headshotHi! My name is Dominique Hurley, an intuitive visionary artist, naturotherapist, educator, and the creator of the Intuition Into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to a Happy Healthy Life. 

My life purpose is to travel the world exploring and expressing my love of beauty and the beauty of love…

That’s why I want to help you connect to your intuition, so you too can live in alignment with your Higher Self. 

I’ve designed a series of inspiring & entertaining intuitive tools to nourish your transformational journey.

These include energy-infused paintings & photography, guided creative visualization meditations, intuitive readings, and more.

I live in St. John’s, Canada but work at a distance. It doesn’t matter where you live. We can work together.

Enjoy the process of discovering why you were drawn to my site. You’re here for a reason.


Energy Infused Intuitive Paintings

Cards & More

For the love of beauty and the beauty of love…


Order your photography and painting prints (on canvas or fine art paper) through Newfoundland Canvas.

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Jacqueline Predmore

“Working with Dominique was truly wonderful experience. The reading I received helped me tune into my life in a deeper way by embracing and moving through the story she presented.”

Jacqueline PredmoreEast Stroudsburg, PA
Jen Onyskie

“I was completely blown away with the power of your words, the images of my painting in progress as well as what my energy guides were telling me. I am amazed at the power my painting has on me for emotional releases and feeling joy, happiness, excitement, peace – it is truly a gift!”

Jen OnyskieWinnipeg, MB
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