Introducing the 12 Universal Laws – Enter the Mandala

Transform your life from the inside out!

Become the conscious creator you were meant to be.mandala-mix

Enter the mandalas to journey deep into the 12 Universal Laws that govern our lives.  

The more you understand them, the happier you’ll be.

Come on in!

A Universal Spirituality

Enter the Mandala is an invitation to open up to the Divine Energy that is in everything and everyone everywhere.  It’s also an invitation to go deeper into both your Self and All That Is.

The Universal Laws go beyond religion – they govern all our lives.


The word “mandala” means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. These have long been used as spiritual tools in many cultures and religions.

Mandalas help focus attention, provide guidance, and establish sacred space for meditation.  They’re a portal into the Universal Energy Flow.

This spiritual and artistic project began when I received intuitive guidance to create a series of 12 mandala paintings based on the Universal Laws.

Some of the Laws were already familiar to me by name or essence. But this was the first time I’d studied them directly with my team of Divine Helpers (Source, Guides, Angels, Higher Self, etc.).

The symbolism in these mandalas was pulled from an intuitive reading that began the process of inquiry into each Universal Law.

The Twelve Universal Laws

Many are familiar with the Law of Attraction, made popular by the movie The Secret and the channellings of Abraham Hicks.  I’ve shared stories on stage of how this law has worked in my life.  It’s truly amazing.

But it’s not the only Law. There are 12.

Click on an image to enter the mandala and its lessons – delivered in words, images, and energy.

Law of Divine Oneness

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

Law of Vibration Mandala

2. The Law of Vibration

The Law of Action mandala

3. The Law of Action

Law of Correspondence mandala

4. The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Cause and Effect mandala

5. The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Compensation Mandala

6. The Law of Compensation

The Law of Attraction mandala

7. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy mandala

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

9. The Law of Relativity

9. The Law of Relativity


10. The Law of Polarity

11. The Law of Rhythm

11. The Law of Rhythm

12. The Law of Gender

12. The Law of Gender

Enter-the-Mandala-All-In-One-Dominique-HurleyOnce I was completed the 12 mandalas, I was guided to review and summarize all 12 into one final mandala.  Click here for a full view of the painting and the written summary on all 12 laws.

The Inquiry Process?

The creative process into the 12 Universal Laws as you see here lasted 10 months. It included:

  • asking: intuitive guidance
  • creating: 30″x 30″ mandala paintings
  • investigating: researching the symbolism, reading & listening
  • discussing: on my blog and during live community events
  • reflecting: the learning & remembering never ends

This project is part of my own transformational journey. But it’s so much more than that.

The mandalas have become teaching tools. They’re a chance for you to:

  • connect with the energy behind the art, your Higher Self, the Laws, and each other
  • engage with the intuitive process
  • learn about the creative process
  • engage in discussion
  • participate in life-enhancing exhibitions and events

May these mandalas empower you on your journey, in whichever form you choose to bring them into your life.

The creation of the Enter the Mandala Project artwork was supported in part by the City of St. John’s.
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  1. Rosa Bullis
    Rosa Bullis says:

    Hi. I saw your amazing deck of mandala cards of the 12 universal laws at a workshop. I would like to buy a deck but can not find them for sale on your website? Are they still available? Thank you. Rosa


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