7 Easy Steps to Create an Intuitive Vision Board


Do you want to connect to your Higher Self Guidance?

Are you looking for a way to include the sacred in your day? 

Would you love a meaningful activity to do on your own or with friends?

You’ll love vision boards.  They’re easy and fun and take little planning, especially if you choose my favourite kind: the intuitive vision board.

What Is It?

It’s a spontaneous tool to tap into your intuition for guidance, direction, manifestation, and fun!

It’s a way to actively engage with your Higher Self to find answers to a question that’s important in your life.


Materials Needed Per Participant

  • a pile of magazines (5-10 each – ask around for contributions)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 poster board (usually 50 cents at dollar stores).
  • markers, stickers to decorate (optional)

7 Easy Steps To Creating Your Intuitive Vision Board

  1. Choose a clear open question to focus on (e.g. “What is in my Highest Interest for the next year”, “What do I need to get ready for my time overseas”, etc.).  Write it on the back of your poster board.
  2. Do something to ground and connect:  I get my groups to dance/move to a song without words to help them become present in their bodies and in the moment while formulating their question.
  3. Put a timer on for 20 minutes and quickly tear out as many pictures/words that attract you, exchanging magazine piles as you go – don’t judge or analyze. The time pressure is to help the right brain (intuition) lead and not give the left brain a chance to kick in.  Work fast!
  4. Then, take about an hour to cut and place your images/words while listening for messages /answers from your Higher Self about your choices of pictures and words.Everyone’s will look different – clean and orderly, or messy – it doesn’t matter. Do this quietly – allow others to dive into their own process.You may not understand all the guidance now – it will reveal itself with time as you look at your board daily or as something happens in your life to reveal why your intuition guided you to include it.
  5. Journal about it (like a letter from your Higher Self, God, etc. – “Dear _____________, …..”
  6. Share your insights with someone. More stuff will come up and their questions may help you focus on things you may have overlooked.
  7. Hang it where you see it every day and let it continue to guide you!

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vision board3

Intuitive Vision Boards are not only a visual representation of your inner guidance, but also a highly practical manifestation tool. 

Here are a few examples:

– Years ago, my intuitive vision board helped me decide to invest in camera equipment and take a photography workshop in New Brunswick with masters I had long admired – an amazing summer fun experience that fully satisfied my creative and inner child needs!  If I remember well, one of the leaders had actually written the article “Speaking to the Eyes of the Heart”, whose title I had used.

Some of the pieces below encouraged me to sign-up for another life changing event in my life – Flora Bowley’s 5-week online intuitive painting course called Bloom True.   I had no idea that I was going to study art again when I chose those images. I didn’t think I could manage it while teaching 2 ESL classes at university, but it reminded me to make time for myself as well.


The other pieces of my January 2013 board were instrumental in my going to study in Vienna for a year.  The one with the pelicans taking flight with the words “Now I invent instead of predict; I am a visionary” held absolutely no meaning for me when I made the board.  The expression “visionary art” wasn’t one I was very familiar with at the time.  But when I later received intuitive guidance to go to the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, I looked up and saw those words, which served as the first confirming sign to what became a blessed decision in my life.  The fact that the school had a loving approach to art education certainly meshed with the second piece I’m showing here.

I have countless other examples, but you get the idea. 

As for all intuitive tools, the images and words you choose have meaning for you, and perhaps only you.

Have confidence in your own interpretations and stay open to the mystery if they don’t speak to you past the moment when your heart exclaimed “tear this out of the magazine and add it to your vision board”.

Other Kinds of Vision Boards

There are lots of other kinds of vision board.  Two others that I’ve done in the past are:

  • Wish boards:  collect images as you go through your days and paste them up on a bulletin board as you go, or collect them in a file and make a poster once in a while.
  • Whole Self Intention Boards:  Make a poster with words to remind you of your intentions for the year. Divide your Board into emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of your life. Consider your Inner World and Outer world (environment, relationships, community).  Such boards
    • helped me make major decisions
    • reminded me to use the tools at my disposal to reach my goals
    • ensured that I maintained balance through intense times
    • and visually assisted me to live my life in line with my life purpose.

When To Do Them?

There’s no bad time for vision boards.

My preference is at at transition times such as Solstice, New Year’s Day, Summer Equinox, etc. 

Some years, I’ve needed quite a few. Others, I’ve only made one.

When I’m on the road, I collect images online and make one for my computer desktop so that I can see it whenever I boot it up.

There are all sorts of ways and times to do these.  Have fun exploring and expressing!

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