Soul Energy Portrait Experiences

An energy painting that helps you see yourself through the eyes of your soul and shift into alignment.

It doesn’t matter where you live, I can create an energy painting for you. We’re connected through your team of Divine Helpers and Higher Consciousness.

Investing in a Soul Energy Portrait Experience will

  • connect you to your team of Divine Helpers’ unconditional love
  • help you release what no longer serves you
  • increase your self-understanding and lead to inspired action
  • raise your vibration and inspire you to be True to your Self,
  • reflect the beauty of your Magnific-Essence.

What Is A Soul Energy Portrait?

Your energy painting, co-created with your team of Divine Helpers, will be a catalyst on your path to your Highest Good.

You’ll be involved in every step of this co-creative process.

You’ll receive

    • regular Love Note emails with messages from your Guides, symbolism to explore, and homework
    • photos of the painting in progress
    • reports on any energy work done (on you at a distance and infused into your painting)
    • an intuitive energy painting created specifically for you in your essence
    • a photo booklet summarizing the process and messages from your guides
    • and more inspired gifts.

Your energy painting is more than just a customized art piece. It’s a portal to the universal energy flow –  connecting you to your Essence and Guides, as well as to the sacred ritual, energy work, and intuition used in the studio.

“You did such a great job of involving me throughout the process that it was like a daily gift of joy. I felt so a part of the entire experience even though we were a thousand miles apart.  I would definitely recommend your service. If you love art, there is nothing more precious than having a unique piece that is created in your energy. It delivers a message specifically to your needs and its beauty magnifies over time.”

Tania da CostaMadison, WI

The Co-Creative Process

Commissioning an intuitive energy painting is an exercise in allowing, in trust, in wellness.

My intuitive energy painting process involves working on one layer at a time, never knowing what I will be called to paint on the next one or channel for you.

I ask. I listen. I receive visions. I paint. I answer the call for stillness or energy work.

You ask, access, analyze, act, and allow based on this process – shifting you into alignment with your soul.

Soul Energy Portrait Examples

Click on an image to read a blog post on each of these Soul Energy Portraits. 

“Working with Dominique on an energy painting was a very surreal experience. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised to find the process both powerful and transformative.

Each layer Dominique provided – from the very first email to the shared images of the painting in progress – had profound meaning for me on a personal and spiritual level.

I was moved to tears more than once, shifting into a new awareness of self.

Now, when I look at the painting we accomplished together, I’m reminded of that transformation. I’m so grateful for this experience, as well as for the beautiful piece of artwork that’s mine, and mine alone.”

Jillian HandSt. John’s, NL - DoulaHand to Heart

Where Do We Begin?

Soul Energy Portrait Experiences are time and energy intensive projects.  I am only available to do a limited number of these each year, so please contact me to explore the timing. My next available booking is for late August/early September.

Usually, the larger your energy painting, the longer we’ll spend doing soul shifting work together. (1-4 weeks)

Prices vary: $3,497 – $17,497

Self-Love Package (12″x 12″ or 12″ x 16″) – $3,497
Enhanced Self-Love Package (12″ x 24″ or 16″ x 20″) – $7,497
Premium Self-Love Package (15″x30″ or 18″x24″ or 24″x24″) – $11,497
Ultimate Self-Love Package (24″x48″ or 36″x36″) – $17,497

Applicable taxes and shipping are additional.

Soul Energy Portrait Experiences are non-refundable investments as they are highly personal art pieces and processes. You are asked to trust that your team of Divine Helpers and I will deliver an experience designed for your Highest Good.

Contact me to start the discussion. What would you like?

Send Me a Message

“I was completely blown away with the power of your words, the images of my painting in progress as well as what my energy guides were telling me. I’m amazed at the power my painting has on me for emotional releases and feeling joy, happiness, excitement, peace – it’s truly a gift!”

Jen OnyskieWinnipeg, MB

“I knew there was something for me here. It was my time for this beautiful process to move me along my path. Your intuitive nature, painting style, and messages were exactly what I needed.

Initially, each day was an amazing process of discovery, for as each new layer was added on the canvas, a new level of subconscious beliefs was brought to the surface to be processed. With continued layers and daily intuitive messages, the truth took shape and my essences came to light.

Now, that the canvas is complete and a beautiful energy painting is hanging in my home, the process is not; it continues. As I look upon my painting, maybe a portion catches my eye and draws me in, and I continue to contemplate as I go about my day. Evolving reflection and growth happen well beyond the end of the “making”. This amazing process with you has been a truly uplifting journey that will continue for some time!”

Nadine EmberleySt. John’s, NLReiki On the Rock

“On my birthday, to begin the process, Dominique downloaded a custom Discovery Journey Meditation, co-created with the help of our teams of divine helpers. And so began a most meaningful, joyful 2 weeks of my life.

Each day, as she worked on the painting, I would receive e-mails from her that she called Love Notes. I would reply with the results of my “homework” and to share what came up for me. The synchronicities that occurred during those 2 weeks convinced me that we were indeed joined together in this process.

When I gaze at my painting now, I get such a feeling of peace – a confirmation that I am on the right path and that my life is unfolding as it should, here on The Rock, surrounded by ocean.

I am now swimming free, shedding feelings of loss, fear, regret, and an unhealthy over-attachment to the past .

Thank you is too weak a phrase, Dominique…”

Doreen ReglinSt. John’s, NL

All of what I did with you was a part of my journey. I got a lot from it and from doing the exercises. I look at my painting now and I can already see so much growth and transformation. I certainly gained more self-awareness and self-love. I’m more confident and believe in myself more. It also helped me trust that I am worthy of the work and time I devote to my overall personal and spiritual growth. I read my prayer almost every day and I feel a much deeper connection to my higher self and divine helpers.


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