New Labyrinth Painting Series

Peace Flow labyrinth painting

“Peace Flow”

This past Saturday was International Labyrinth Day.

I only found out the day before, but it’s not the first time that my creative projects somehow align with planetary movements.

As you may have read in a previous post, walking the floor labyrinth and using the finger labyrinths in a local chapel has become part of my regular meditative practice.

I’m amazed at how different my labyrinth journeys can feel.

That’s why, in April, I decided to paint 6 labyrinth paintings that celebrate my various experiences. In painting them, the journey continues.

Here are the first 2.

1. Chakra Journey Labyrinth

I created this one Easter weekend.

It honours the grounding, connecting, and chakra balancing effects of journeying a labyrinth.

  • RED governs the base or ROOT chakra situated at the base of the spine: vitality, courage, self-confidence, security, stability.
  • ORANGE governs the SACRAL chakra situated in the lower abdomen: self-respect, success, happiness, confidence, resourcefulness.
  • YELLOW governs the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, situated below the ribs: creativity, self-worth, wisdom, clarity.
  • GREEN governs the HEART chakra: unconditional love, self-love, balance, self-control.
  • BLUE governs the THROAT chakra: self-expression, knowledge, health, decisiveness.
  • INDIGO governs the brow or THIRD EYE chakra, in the centre of the forehead: intuition, mysticism, understanding
  • VIOLET/PURPLE governs the CROWN chakra, at the top of the head: spirituality, self-awareness, beauty, creativity, inspiration

This painting is assisted with the energy of dragonflies to dive beneath the surface and see beyond the illusions, delusions, and self-limiting beliefs.

Prints Available

The original (12″ x 12″) was sold before it was done, but you can order prints by clicking here.

Note: Prints on stretched canvas make great finger labyrinths and can easily be wiped down with a moist cloth if you work in a setting that requires it for hygiene reasons. I suggest you get larger than a 12″ x 12″ if you want to use your fingers. You can also use a soft paintbrush to journey through it.

2. Peace Flow Labyrinth

”Peace Flow’ honours the process of returning to one’s centre to reconnect with the peace that is always living there.  It helps shed whatever doesn’t serve you so that you can carry that peace back out with you.

Embraced by a peace dove, every dot in this labyrinth is a prayer, a meditation, a conscious opening to peace.

Buy Peace Flow

The original is 12″ x 16″ – $577 CAD
Acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas. No framing required

The painting comes with a soft paintbrush that you can use to move your way through this Chartres style labyrinth.

Click here to purchase it.

Or click here to order prints in various sizes.

I’ll introduce you to two more in 2 weeks, but if you can’t wait, you can always see what’s available on my Original Paintings page and Prints Page.  

It’s been a meditative, productive, and  creative month!

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