Divine Storytelling Time – Intuitive Reading Package

Chrissy McGale

“Honestly, working with Dominique was amazing! It was a very powerful experience that I highly recommend. So much of the imagery she created really resonated with me. Her visual gifts are lovely and she has an incredible talent at painting images and entire scenes for you with her words. Through her reading, Dominique was able to channel the answers I was looking for, showing me that they were deep within me all along.”

Chrissy McGaleEdmonton, AB
Tania da Costa

” I have had various readings in the past and yours stands out. I will continue to be able to unfold layer upon layer of this information as I work through the worksheet and listen to the recording again. This has been a very lovely process. It really isn’t just a reading. It is a coaching process teaching the individual to trust self, turn inward and listen.

Tania da CostaMadison, WI
Glen Rose

“Where in this journey of symbols are the answers to the scheme? Listen to the images as the story unfolds into your heart. … Communication of the heart is not that of logical channels. It holds so much more depth, so much more information. It is worthy of explanation. It is worthy of exploration. It is worthy of learning to understand. It is in this source of heart-speak, we find ourselves with the power to be transformed beyond our imagination.

Glen RoseSt. John’s, NL
Nikki Nienhuis

“I cannot say in simple words how amazing this experience has been for me.  Dominique’s Spirit Calling Cards gave me a mantra that resonates very clearly with me, helping me to move forward in my desire to grow into who I truly am.  The audio recording is such a wonderful gift, something that offers new insights every time I listen to it.  Dominique connected to a deeper part of me that I was unable to see on my own, and for that I am so grateful.  This is more than just a reading. It’s a beautiful foundation to continue my own personal growth work.

Nikki NienhuisGolden, CO
Jacqueline Predmore

“Working with Dominique was truly wonderful experience. The reading I received helped me tune into my life in a deeper way by embracing and moving through the story she presented.”

Jacqueline PredmoreEast Stroudsburg, PA
Mary & Allan Olson
“Extraordinary! This was delightful, insightful, helpful, loving and care-full. The tone and pacing of your voice. The mini-movies and their descriptions. Your quest to describe what you saw without adding meaning or suggestions. The way you expressed wonder, amusement, quandary with the visuals. The images you described were ALL relevant to us. Thank you.”
Mary & Allan OlsonLafayette, LA
Christa Steeves

” I was right there with you. …It makes so much sense, and I know exactly what the messages are, what they mean, etc. … It was powerful and exactly what Divine has been communicating with me of late. Thank you for being a conduit for those messages from Divine for me. I’m so grateful for your connection, your love and your acceptance of your being. … My Spirit Card reading and visual gift are so perfectly in alignment. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Christa SteevesSt. John’s, NLWell-Being Coaching
Cynthia Ferrie

“It was so inspiring to be guided through a vision that was meant for me, that I would not have experienced otherwise. There was such a weight lifted from my shoulders, and an overall sense of comfort knowing and feeling that I’m going in the right direction with my life and my business. Thank you Dominique!”

Cynthia FerrieBathurst, NBKEENi Website Solutions
Christina Dwyer

“Wow Dominique! I feel as though it’s the story of my life! There’s the feeling of something important that I must uncover to find grace and peace. I look forward to being at the helm with the knowing and confidence of what I’m about as I’m guided onward without fear. Just amazing!”

Christina DwyerSt. John’s, NL

Soul Energy Portrait Experience – Commissions

Tania da Costa

“You did such a great job of involving me throughout the process that it was like a daily gift of joy. I felt so a part of the entire experience even though we were a thousand miles apart.  I would definitely recommend your service. If you love art, there is nothing more precious than having a unique piece that is created in your energy. It delivers a message specifically to your needs and its beauty magnifies over time.”

Tania da CostaMadison, WI
Jen Onyskie

“I was completely blown away with the power of your words, the images of my painting in progress as well as what my energy guides were telling me. I am amazed at the power my painting has on me for emotional releases and feeling joy, happiness, excitement, peace – it is truly a gift!

I do believe that the universe brought you to me as an opportunity for personal growth.  You are truly a gifted artist with so many talents from painting, channeling Divine Helpers, providing messages for growth, engaging with community and the world.”

Jen OnyskieWinnipeg, MB
Guy Mommaerts

“What was wonderful is that day after day, my commissioned energy painting grew on me to the point where I no longer just like this painting, but deeply Love it. To me it carries a spiritual essence which sends me a message of greatness every time I look at it. It’s difficult to express in words because it definitely is not of this earthly realm. Thank you Dominique for this wonderful painting.”

Guy MommaertsElora, ON
Jillian Hand

“Working with Dominique on an energy painting was a very surreal experience. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised to find the process both powerful and transformative.

Each layer Dominique provided – from the very first email to the shared images of the painting in progress – had profound meaning for me on a personal and spiritual level.

I was moved to tears more than once, shifting into a new awareness of self.

Now, when I look at the painting we accomplished together, I’m reminded of that transformation. I’m so grateful for this experience, as well as for the beautiful piece of artwork that’s mine, and mine alone.”

Jillian HandSt. John’s, NLHand to Heart
Doreen Reglin

On my birthday, to begin the process, Dominique downloaded a custom Discovery Journey Meditation, co-created with the help of our teams of divine helpers. And so began a most meaningful, joyful 2 weeks of my life.

Each day, as she worked on the painting, I would receive e-mails from her that she called Love Notes. I would reply with the results of my “homework” and to share what came up for me. The synchronicities that occurred during those 2 weeks convinced me that we were indeed joined together in this process.

When I gaze at my painting now, I get such a feeling of peace – a confirmation that I am on the right path and that my life is unfolding as it should, here on The Rock, surrounded by ocean.

I am now swimming free, shedding feelings of loss, fear, regret, and an unhealthy over-attachment to the past .

Thank you is too weak a phrase, Dominique…

Doreen ReglinSt. John’s, NL
Nadine Emberley

“I knew there was something for me here. It was my time for this beautiful process to move me along my path. Your intuitive nature, painting style, and messages were exactly what I needed.

Initially, each day was an amazing process of discovery, for as each new layer was added on the canvas, a new level of subconscious beliefs was brought to the surface to be processed. With continued layers and daily intuitive messages, the truth took shape and my essences came to light.

Now, that the canvas is complete and a beautiful energy painting is hanging in my home, the process is not; it continues. As I look upon my painting, maybe a portion catches my eye and draws me in, and I continue to contemplate as I go about my day. Evolving reflection and growth happen well beyond the end of the “making”. This amazing process with you has been a truly uplifting journey that will continue for some time!”

Nadine EmberleySt. John’s, NLReiki On the Rock

“All of what I did with you was a part of my journey. I got a lot from it and from doing the exercises. I look at my painting now and I can already see so much growth and transformation. I certainly gained more self-awareness and self-love. I’m more confident and believe in myself more. It also helped me trust that I am worthy of the work and time I devote to my overall personal and spiritual growth. I read my prayer almost every day and I feel a much deeper connection to my higher self and divine helpers.


Guided Meditations & Creative Visualizations

Elaine Marie Dunphy

” What a beautiful guided meditation that just was… thank you SO much. That is sincerely the first time I was able to actually “go” somewhere, feel things and release them. Amazing release of cleansing tears. I felt the warmth and the love of so many, present and past, surrounding me. I am in awe of how I am feeling right now.”

Elaine Marie DunphyNia teacher, Paradise, NL
Lucy Jordan

It was an extraordinary experience, so powerful in so many ways… I didn’t tell you what my interest in music is but you accurately focused on my voice. I have to say that my voice seems clearer, stronger, easier…and I’ve noticed that other people have noticed a change too. I love the image of the notes as rainbow colours reaching out into space, embracing planets and stars and I keep that in mind now when I sing.”

Lucy JordanArtist & Healer - Greece
Nikki Fowler

Oh my goodness, I’ve never received a meditation so vivid and clear. I was in the moment of the walk and the fire , it moved me. Tears were running down my face as I could feel joy from the inside as I was sitting by the fire. Thank you. I like your energy, I feel a really strong pull to you. I know you are the one sent to me. I look forward to working with you. Namaste

Nikki FowlerSt. John’s, NL
Amanda Starr

“Thank you for the lovely meditation you gave as your opt in gift. I have listened to it several times and love its message and your soothing voice. I believe it may be helping me start to shift into my purpose. It certainly calms me at night and allows me to fall into a beautiful dream state.

Amanda StarrArtist - Sydney, AUhttp://www.amandastarr.com/
Charlene Lite

” Your voice is so soothing. I just LOVE your voice..., and honestly would hire you to tell me whatever you wanted!!!”

Charlene LiteNew York, NYYoga Instructor, Singer/Songwriter
Nadine Emberley

“The meditation is fitting! I LOVE it. I love that it makes me take stock of my own energy, and how I feel / see it, and feel about it, as that is exactly what I need right now and probably will for a long time to come.”

Nadine EmberleySt. John’s, NLReiki On the Rock
Doris Halfyard

“Thank you  , Dominique.. I went to one of your guided meditations used at a group gathering last evening. It was so beautiful and meaningful hearing your voice.  You can feel the angels and guides all around . I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the experience.”

Doris HalfyardNewfoundland


Kathy Hickman

“Dominique Hurley expertly facilitated an engaging intuition workshop at the Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat. I was struggling with a professional challenge and had been postponing a difficult decision. Dominique’s session brought me immediate clarity. I’ve since moved on in a better direction that has already grown my consulting business and provided me more peace of mind. For too long I have over-analysed the data and ignored my intuition. Dominique taught me to be in touch with what feels ‘right’ in my future.”

Kathy HickmanFor an "Intuition into Action" workshop at the Body, Mind & Spirit Retreat - - Salmonier, NLCareer Coach and Trainer at Hickman Consulting Services
- J.

“Beautiful opportunity to explore creativity and spirit. An amazing safe environment to use creativity to get in touch with yourself, your journey, and to support awareness of next steps.”

- J.Participant - Spirit & Play Intuitive Painting Workshop
Judy Squires Kirby

“I was very emotional because I was feeling lost. I needed guidance and direction. By the end of the weekend, I felt connected to Spirit, to the women in attendance, and to myself. I felt ready to take on some of the “challenges” in my life and move forward with some of the things I’ve been trying to do.  It was a “Fresh Start”. ”

Judy Squires KirbyFor an "Intuition Into Action Intensive 2-Day" workshop- St. John’s, NL

“Fun, growth in creativity & spirituality with like-minded fellow journeyers. An experience in Being!”

PamParticipant - Spirit & Play Intuitive Painting Workshop
Jill D.

“Wonderful experience! Perfect timing for me along my journey of discovery. Beautiful to receive divine guidance and fascinating to watch the evolution in the art and within.

Jill D.Participant - Spirit & Play Intuitive Painting Workshop

” I want to express my thanks and gratitude for the wonderful day you in-visioned and brought to fruition  … It was so powerful to be part of the group and to share all the heart-based energies that bathed us for the entire day. Until now, my only real energetic “community” has been online and I held fear around being seen fully in my life, all the while desiring to connect with like-minded and like-hearted individuals and groups. I feel as though the Solstice event illuminated a new path forward for me, while uplifting and transforming the heaviness of past patterns and obsolete beliefs about myself. The powerful energy of your artwork, of your soul expressing itself through your visionary co-creative process and story-telling, combined with the energetic offerings of your co-leaders was phenomenal to experience!

M.L.G.For the Winter Solstice Event - St. John’s, NL
Dominique P.

“Merci pour la belle journée que nous avons passé ensemble. Je suis venue à St. John’s à cause d’événements trouble dans ma vie, au niveau de ma relation amoureuse. Depuis samedi, je réalise que je suis ici pour les bonnes raisons. Je suis à la bonne place, au bon moment et je fais tout en mon pouvoir pour aller mieux. Je dois juste être patiente et m’allouez du temps! Je vais poursuivre mes réflexions, mais maintenant, je me sens mieux outillé. Merci encore pour tout!”

Dominique P.Pour l‘atelier "L’intuition en action: 5 Étapes pour activer votre intuition pour une vie saine et heureuse"
Kim MacPherson

“THANK YOU!  It was lots of fun… I had no doubt that you were a great teacher, whether in the ESL class or art class…but participating in your art class confirmed for me that you are a gifted teacher…you appeared so calm, organized, encouraging, excited and passionate about everyone’s work and the process.  It was really great to be a part of that! ”

Kim MacPhersonFor an Intuitive Painting workshop - St. John’s, NL
Tina Pomroy

“Thank you so much for bringing your energy, spirit, talents & inspired art to Unleash Your Creative Spirit. … You brought my little retreat to a new level!

Tina PomroyWorkplace Wellness Facilitator & Yoga InstructorGoing Om
Elizabeth Belbin

“Thank you for sharing your awesome gifts with me. I loved my experience with your Divine Storytelling Time and received an insightful message that helped me grow my business.”

Elizabeth Belbinpsychotherapist, meditation teacher and mixed-media artistThe Purpose of Life is to Be Happy
Dorothy Corrigan

“Saturday was a great day for me. I learned so much about myself.  Art, painting, spirituality, intuition. When I was telling others that I was coming to the workshop, I used all of the words above in an effort to have each one listening hear what might draw him/her.  My reason for doing it this way was that I know from experience – having done workshops with Dominique before – that whatever reason draws the person, the person is destined to get the other three.  Spirituality is what drew me… Intuition is what drew me….”

Dorothy CorriganSpiritual Activist & Participant at a Spirit & Play Intuitive Painting Workshop

Wall Art: Paintings & Photography

Beata Van Berkom

“I went through a shocking end to my 17 year marriage in 2009. During my recovery process, I found Dominique’s artwork. I bought a very small painting first. I realized later it reflected my fear of not being worth a larger piece. Slowly I kept being drawn to more of her works and finally ended up creating my new space with 12 of her paintings gracing my walls. These paintings brought me a sense of self worth, tranquility, beauty and inspiration. These were exactly the energies I needed to survive into my new life as single mother. Thanks in part to my love affair with Dominique’s art I am thriving in my new world. I always give new guests to my home the HURLEY tour. Thank you Dominique. Keep creating healing for our world.”

Beata Van BerkomSaskatoon, SKTinfoil Hat Lady
Regina Wright

“I spend a lot of time carefully choosing sacred objects for my office because they, in no small way, impact the healing sessions.  I have four beautiful pieces of art from Dominique that I selected based on the four elements; the healing they bring to the space is amazing. Clients initially sit in a chair between fire and water and comment that they already feel so supported and are ready to go to a deep level.  My beautiful big goddess painting helps clients both reach for the sky as well as stay grounded and connected to mother earth.”

Regina WrightShamanic Healerhttp://www.reginamwright.com
Dana Lynne Andersen

“Your energy and spirit are inspiring. I was touched by your sincerity, soul wisdom and childlike wonder. And I continue to be amazed at your blogging- you are so dedicated – and what you offer is rich with many treasures.”

Dana Lynne AndersenCreative Director - ItalyAcademy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness
Katherine Spencer

“I first saw Dominique’s art in a therapy room and was instantly drawn to the colours, beauty and power.  It was like nothing I had ever seen in person. I approached Dominique about putting her art on the walls of my shop.  I knew it would be an amazing way to energize it. I really felt a connection to the art and bought my first painting soon after.

Katherine SpencerOwnerThe Natural Health Shop, St. John’s

“But how can someone paint something that good?”

Michael4 years old
Lisa Wechtenhiser

“Oh Dominique, your work is LOVELY! My goodness, such a very high vibration!”

Lisa WechtenhiserHigh Priestess of the Woo (Washington, USA)Practically Intuitive
Mel Skiffington

“I find that there’s a depth to Dominique’s art that I didn’t realize existed before. It’s alive — it changes every time I look at it and is a mirror of my moods.

Mel SkiffingtonCalgary, AB
Eileen Kubin

Your art lets my imagination go where it wants with it and take what I want at any given time. It makes me question. There’s movement, motion. It inspires me, takes me inward, quietens me. The colours elevate me and soothe me. ”

Eileen KubinSaskatoon, SK
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